Now there’s a way to wear wine all over your face without the accompanying hangover the next morning.Robert Mondavi Private Selection has teamed up with Northern-California eyewear designer Woodzee to make sunglasses out of wine barrels. If you can get past the foreign concept of wearing a wine barrel on your face, it makes perfect sense: Woodzee is known for its commitment to using natural renewable resources (including, in the past, models made from repurposed skateboards), and Robert Mondavi probably has lots Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses of used wine barrels just sitting around.The oak frames are surprisingly lightweight, which is great news for the bridge of your nose. They’re shaped in the traditional Wayfarer style that hipster nation has popularized, and the lenses come in four different colored tints (that is, before they sell out). If you want to grab yourself (or your favorite oenophile) a pair, they’re available at Ray Ban Wholesale for $120 for a limited time.
Wallace black matte glasses, £98, Bailey Nelson; Gold Cats eye, £365, Byocular; Green Wayfarer, £365, Byocular; Gold-peach aviators, £225, Chloe .Or let Downie do the hard work for you: Byocular’s cat-eye gold and coloured frames would make excellent partywear: plus each of the four styles are available in various acetate colours depending on your preference. Downie Cheap Ray Bans counsels that “striking eyewear is about being brave enough to make a statement. The first consideration has to be what suits your colouring. Then what works with your outfit. But there are no hard and fast rules – an all black outfit with green frames could be super chic, or go for more of a co-ordinated approach.”Natalie Kingham, buying director at, agrees that finding Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses the right pair to go with an evening outfit can be challenging: “An aviator can be really good, but it does depend on your face shape,” she says. “They can be a difficult style on some as they really pull the face down.” In which case, she recommends “cats eyes, which can lift [up a face]”. Kingham also cautions there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. “I Ray Ban Sale think you need a couple of pairs depending on your mood. A signature pair can become your trademark, but I love playing around as well.” As with all things worthwhile, a little effort goes a long way. And for those with partners keen to take very clear direction, why not propose that a new pair of snazzy specs would go down well this year under Cheap Ray Bans the tree?
Police in Shanghai have arrested a British man accused of involvement in a £2.85m smuggling ring that saw counterfeit bags, boots and sunglasses shipped to the UK to be sold in bars and nightclubs.The man who is reportedly in his fifties and was named as William Li, was charged with “purchasing counterfeit brand goods in China and shipping them to his accomplices in Ray Ban Outlet Liverpool,” the state-run Global Times newspaper said on Wednesday.The goods included "fake" Ray-Ban sunglasses and Chanel accessories, police said.Some of the counterfeit items were “custom-made” in Chinese factories while others were bought from “grey market dealers”. After being smuggled into the UK the products were sold in Liverpool bars, the Shanghai Daily said.It was unclear how long the alleged 30 million yuan (£2.85m) racket had Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale been going on. Since 2010 Mr Li had been paid more than 3 million yuan by “accomplices” in the UK to source counterfeit goods in China and ship them to Britain, police claimed. Once in the UK, the cheap Chinese fakes were sold at an “obscene mark-up,” the Global Times said.Counterfeit Ray-Ban sunglasses were bought for just 10 yuan or around 95p in China but Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet sold in the UK for up to £300.Mr Li’s arrest was the result of a joint investigation between police in Shanghai and the UK, Sun Jun, a senior detective, was quoted as saying. Three other members of the alleged gang were arrested Ray Ban Sunglasses by police in the UK, Shanghai’s Jiefang Daily newspaper reported.Investigations into the group began in February last year after Shanghai customs seized a “suspicious” box containing 15,000 logos for well-known brands that would later have been attached to counterfeit items.Police traced the shipment to Mr Li who admitted purchasing “counterfeit brand products” on behalf of UK-based buyers, accordind to the Global Times.Before coming to Shanghai, Mr Li reportedly lived in Guangdong, a southern province that is home to many of China’s factories. Before that he “bounced around East Asia,” the site said.